Introducing new Haem-Away!

Introducing new Haem-Away!

Avatar Barbie The final chapter

Barbie - The final chapter: After years of bingeing, purging and boob jobs, Ken tells Barbie he's leaving her for a younger,]

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Killer Barbie

Deze foto's van een very bad Barbie en haar very bad baby's zijn het werk van de Canadese fotografe Mariel Clayton. Ze omschrijft zichzelf als een 'doll photographer with a subversive sense of humour'. Haar Barbie is een kannibaal, een sadist en een psychopaat. In het beste geval vernedert ze Ken, maar vaker komt hij bloedig aan zijn eind. Daarna bewaart ze zijn hoofd in het vriesvak en serveert hem als maaltijd. Als Ken haar verlaat voor een jongere, dunnere man pleegt ze zelfmoord. Van baby's heeft ze geen verstand, terwijl die baby's wel raad weten met Barbie...

Vanwaar een bad Barbie?

'Because I hate Barbie. I intensely dislike the stereotype that the “ideal” female fits no current authentic female form. You can’t get to be Barbie without an ocean’s worth of peroxide, 27 plastic surgeries and a complete lack of intelligence, so it irritates me immensely that this is the toy of choice women give to their daughters to emulate.´... 'I’m not sure why it ended up being Barbie killing Ken, if I am to be honest — I think it’s because I find it really damn funny. Behind the vacuous perpetual lipsticked-smile and soulless eyes lurks the black heart of the true sociopath, just like in real life. I think it finally makes the doll interesting, and I like that contrast between saccharine sweet and pure malevolence'.. .'sweet little perfect Barbie, the psychopath'.
[uit een interview met Clayton]

Kan Clayton ervan leven?

'For those who don't know by now, my 'day job' is as a Travel Agent. However, what people seem to think I am is a Therapist, Magician, Physicist, Janitor and all around target of vituperative abuse'.
[uit: Let me explain a few things... op haar Flickr-blog]

Waar komen haar morbide fantasieën vandaan?

'Goodgoddamn....and people wonder where I get my murderous ideas from. Usually most of the ideas for torture and mutilation are percolating in my brain while I sit through yet another "oh I can go anywhere anytime as long as it's cheap except for here-here-here-here-here-here - eliminating every destination except one - here and here... but I don't want to go here - the one destination that wasn't eliminated.... and I can only go between 6:45am on the 1st until 6:46am on the first... but you know, I'm totally flexible, as long as it's cheap..."'
[uit: Let me explain a few things... op haar Flickr-blog]

En hoe zit het met de moordzuchtige baby's van Barbie?

'I have to point out that Ken cannot kill Barbie... if Ken puts the bullet in, then the whole tone of everything changes and I get accused of mysogenism and battery and not being sensitive to the plight of abused women etcetc and a whole bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with these pictures in the first place. So - only babies can kill Barbies.'
[uit: Fuck Bathtime.... op haar Flickr-blog]

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